Back in February, I took a little weekend trip to Galveston Island, TX…my friend Angie and I had always dreamed of escaping our Minnesota winters and doing a fun senior shoot somewhere warm!  We finally put our plan into motion, and set up a shoot-out with 4 lovely high school girls (Morgan from Becker High School, Mahli from Elk River High School, Mercy & Caroline are from down in Texas)…we called our shoot-out ‘destination senior’, and invited other photographers to join us!  We brought along our hair & makeup team (Chrissy & Emile) and met up with 5 other photographers from around the Texas area!  The whole weekend was a blast…I have so many images that I’ll break this post down into 3 entries.

For this first shoot, we had the girls dressed for a ‘casual’ beach day…our theme here was ‘no theme’ (since we’d be dressing them up crazy in the carnival shoot…coming tomorrow)!  We met under the pier beneath a cute tourist shop.  The weather was chilly (not horrible for us Minnesotan’s)…but Holy Wind, Batman!

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