Dusting off the blog to bring you our new family portraits!  Taken by the amazing McClanahan Studio.

The idea for a food fight session came from a commercial I saw on TV. I knew the kids would love the idea (hello)! I also knew that it would require some serious photoshop skills. I ran the idea past a photographer that I admire from Iowa…a husband/wife team that just happened to be driving through Minnesota the day before Thanksgiving, it was fate!

For days I gathered the items we would need (clothes we could ruin guilt-free, fancy serving platters and a home cooked meal with some real ‘hang time’). We covered my studio walls with protective paper and set up the ‘dining room’! The session was shot in sections and later pieced together in photoshop. We had a blast chucking handfuls of food at each other…the cheapest therapy out there! Although clean-up was a beast…I’m still finding smashed peas in the most random places.

Klatt_Front_Christmas Card Klatt_Middle_Christmas Card Klatt_0Back_Christmas Card

Here’s a quick snapshot of the actual card…


If you’d like a little ‘behind the scenes’ peek at how this photo-shoot came together~here you go!


Our family has been embracing the weirdness for quite a while now…here’s a look back at cards from years past!

HOLIDAY CARD 2014 (SuperHero’s)

HOLIDAY CARD 2013 (Grizwolds)

HOLIDAY CARD 2012 (In a box)

HOLIDAY CARD 2011 (Awkward family photo/ugly christmas sweater)

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