Last but certainly not least…our ‘jungle fever’ shoot.  This shoot definitely has a more editorial/fashion feel than my typical senior pictures.  Sometimes it’s fun to step outside our comfort zone…my own personal comfort zone involves many layers of clothing and NO camera’s pointed in my direction!  I have nothing but respect for these ladies. They are strong, confident young women with a lot more courage than I’ve ever had.  Also, I’m super jealous of all three girls, and want to pull a ‘freaky friday’ on them so I can frolic around in a swimsuit that doesn’t have a ‘mom skirt’ attached!!

We drove clear across the island from Kona to Hilo and spent the afternoon in the botanical garden.  It was so beautiful there…I felt like Indian Jones…except the paths were paved and I wore flip-flops.  Since I didn’t travel with any lights or flashes (just my reflector), it was tricky to find decent light in the dense rainforest…luckily, this park eventually ends at the ocean, so the second half of our shoot had beautiful natural light!  We would stroll a bit, then shoot a bit, until we hit the ocean!   We observed quite a few tourists who spent a lot more time taking pictures of the ‘girls in swimsuits’ rather than the floral/fauna they had planned on photographing.

Emile Ann Makeup Artistry had a blast putting on their smokey eyes and ‘sea salt wave’ hair!  You rock, Em!  Thanks for bringing the vision to life!  Stick around till the end, I made a little video recapping our whole trip!