I’m interested in booking a session, how can I get more information?

Awesome! Just sent me a message on the ‘Contact Me’ form, or shoot me an email: kelly@kellyklatt.com  Tell me if you are interested in a senior or a family session, and I will send you an online magazine that has tons of information!  When you are ready to book, we will work together to figure out a date/time that works.  Then I will email you links to pay the session fee online. I am usually booked out 2 to 3 months in advance…during the summer/fall season, it can be tricker to get in, but don’t let that stop you from asking…occasionally I will have a cancellation or an extra date open up, and we can fit you in!

How much is this going to cost?

First you pay the session fee (295 for girls, 150 for boys)…after we shoot the session, you purchase the prints/products that you’d like during an in person ordering session.  There is a minimum print order of 1000 for all senior sessions.  Most clients choose a collection, which range in price from 1200-3000. Many clients like to have custom wall collections for their walls, or maybe all of the high-res digital files…we have a lot of options to make everyone happy!  Email me for complete pricing information!  kelly@kellyklatt.com

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located between Buffalo & Monticello (Minnesota).  Years ago I built a studio onto the front of my home.  The commute time can’t be beat!  Sessions always begin at my studio, but typically end at a different location within about 15 minutes of the studio.

How does the yearbook picture work?

All sessions include a free yearbook picture after your order is placed.  You will choose which pose at the ordering appointment.  If you order a digital collection (which 99% of our clients do), you will send in the picture to the school yourself.  If you need a special crop/edit I can help!  If you choose to order prints without the digital collection, I will send the yearbook picture in to the school for you.

What if we just want a few pictures?

I decided years ago that my favorite part of photographing seniors was giving them the full experience.  Our sessions are long, and we take a lot of time and energy to give you an amazing experience and a gallery full of gorgeous images.  At this time we don’t offer a quick ‘mini’ type shoot for seniors.

Do you own photograph weddings, newborns or extended family sessions?

Not at this time!  I focus on high school seniors, as well as a handful of family sessions.

Can you fix my ___(fill in the blank: yellow teeth, acne, double chin, etc.)?

Yes I can! I want you to look as amazing as humanly possible. I edit each picture as I would want myself to be edited (and I have pretty high standards for what I allow to be seen)! So please let me know if there is a specific ‘issue’ that you don’t love about yourself (everyone has at least one), and I will try and be aware of certain posing/lighting, etc. during the shoot, as well as afterwards in the editing process.

What is the ordering process, can I just do it on the computer?

We are a boutique studio and offer in person ordering appointments. It makes the whole process so smooth and easy when you have someone ‘holding your hand’ the whole way through.  My part time employees Tera & Kari meet with clients weekday evenings and help them choose what to order.  Our clients absolutely LOVE getting to see their images for the first time on the ‘big screen’ in a beautiful slideshow set to music!  Tera and Kari will then go through the images individually, and you’ll pick out your favorites.  Maybe there are a few images that would look perfect as a storyboard…perhaps there are so many favorites that a custom white album would be a perfect choice. These in person ordering appointments generally take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Orders are completed within 4-5 weeks depending on the amount of design work involved.
*FAQ For Photographers*

What kind of camera & lenses & computer programs do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D810, and I use Sigma Art Lenses (35, 50, 85,105). I use lightroom to cull images, adjust exposure, and convert to jpeg. I use photoshop for the rest. No specific actions (I mix and match purchased actions that I’ve tweaked over the years)! I’ve been working on keeping my editing style clean and simple.

Are you shooting with natural light or artificial lights in your studio?

Both.  I use a mix of studio lights (large 6 ft octobox, 4 ft soft box, beauty dish).  I also built an outdoor studio shed that is primarily natural light.

Do you offer any mentoring or workshops?

I do! If you are over 100 miles from my studio zip: 55313, I would be happy to talk with you about setting up a one on one day mentorship!