We’ve been home in Minnesota for almost a month, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about this trip!  Myself and my makeup artist Emile traveled with three senior models to Kona, Hawaii.  We stayed in a beautiful oceanfront home that makes me want to pack up and move to Hawaii immediately.  Besides the amazing weather, awesome food and gorgeous scenery…we had some hilarious memories with these girls that I will always remember!  The only thing I still cringe about is Emile’s Chinese chicken dinner falling into my purse.  That crap is not funny {Elizabeth}!

Even though my husband probably thinks all we did was lounge by the pool, we managed to pull together 3 awesome photoshoots during our week!  I have so many pictures I’m going to split this into 3 blog posts!  First up: ‘surfer chick’ (at least that’s what I called my Pinterest/Inspiration board).  Our first full day on the island we did a little scouting for locations to use…I foolishly assumed we would find a cute ‘surf shack’ just waiting for us on the beach, but that was not the case!  We did find an adorable little pink house, and we made sure to put the address in our phone as we kept driving around searching for cool spots.  The next day we realized that the adorable pink house was literally one house over from the place we were renting.  We only had to walk 20 steps to get there.  Thankfully there were no men along to give us grief, and we had a good laugh over our navigational skills!

The first set is from the little pink house (next door)…then we used the pool and the front door of our rental home for a few shots.  The last set was at Hapuna Beach (about 50 minutes from our house)…we shot those in full sun while we waited for the sun to go down (our sunset shoot will be posted tomorrow)!