meet the team



All about Amie (written by Kelly…with no regard to fact checking). Amie is my right-hand gal…she’s been working for the studio for over 2 years now. She hired me for a family session, and we really hit it off, got to chatting, and I hired her on~now I can’t live without her! She does a lot of my editing, as well as some packaging and other odd-jobs. She used to come to the studio once a week and work with me in the office…turns out we both like to talk…a lot! We didn’t get much done, but we sure had fun! These days, she does most of the editing from home, but I definitely look forward to the occasional times when she makes it out here!

Amie lives in St. Joseph with her awesomely funny husband (still can’t get over the Napoleon Dynamite costume) and her two beautiful sons. She left the corporate world to be a stay at home mommy~and she makes it look effortless. If she’s not hanging with her boys, you can find her shaking her bootie at a Luke Bryan concert~yeehaw! Can I just get a quick ‘amen’ on how beautiful she is? Even when she dresses in sweatpants she looks this good…it would be annoying if she wasn’t such a great friend.


The about me page! My favorite subject! I’m kidding…the Minnesota Lutheran in me will not let that comment slide. I’m a mom to 3 smart kids (I wish I could take credit for their brains…it’s a mystery), and a wife to my high-school sweetheart. I graduated from high school in ’96, where I sported some bad hair and even worse fashion. After getting my BS degree in Mass Communications, I went right to work at a traditional portrait studio. I’ve been working as a photographer in some capacity or another for 14 years. True, a lot of that time was spent posing people perfectly on a white wicker settee…but hey~I was doing something I loved. I opened my own business in 2008, and it has been an amazing journey so far!

My loves: coffee with heaps of creamer, pajama pants, escaping to the lake, shocking people with my lack of a filter, romance novels, laughing at my crazy kids, any food that starts with C and ends with hocolate, prop shopping and using an obnoxious amount of inappropriately placed punctuation marks!?!(WOO—hoo}! 🙂 <3

I’m a woman with many body issues and hangups (who isn’t)…and one of my very favorite parts of this job is to prove to others how beautiful they are! Not to mention all the sweet babies and kiddos that come to my studio~I love getting my baby fix! Overall, it’s a pretty sweet gig~my prayer is that I am able to keep doing what I love for the next 13 years (when my youngest graduates). Then I’m moving to Mexico. Adios. No worries, I’ll take my camera with–beach portraits for everyone!


All about Sarah (written by Kelly…this is not gospel, people)! Sarah makes me look good. Like, that’s part of her job description. Sarah is in charge of all ordering sessions…she sets up the appointments with everyone, shows up looking adorable, and charms the socks off of all my clients. She’s one of those people that has a million different balls in the air, and juggles them all effortlessly. I wish I had 1/10th of her multi-tasking abilities. She’s like the non-annoying pinterest mom! The girl can throw a party too…No matter what event she hosts (tupperware, makeup, clothes, candles), I’m going…because I know Sarah will cook some amazing food!

Sarah lives in St. Michael with her social butterfly husband (if anyone needs Invisalign, talk to this man), and her three beautiful kiddos. She was a kindergarten teacher for years, which I think contributes to her awesome patience when helping people make portrait decisions. Another ‘amen’ shout-out to how gorge she is~I’m like the mushy filling in a hot chick sandwich.